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Women love to discipline men. They love to train them and make them do as they tell them.
If you are a submissive or naughty man that is in need of a strict woman to discipline you then here you will find a number of strict Women that are experts in administering discipline.

There are many advantages of a Total Power Exchange Relationship with a strict woman. Men are known to be submissive in most of the relationships and Women are known to be dominant. Women are taking control of relationships and they are proving to be the best Masters. Not necessary by use of their beauty, but actually they are controlling the finances among other areas of the relationship. There are many advantages that are associated with strict women being the head of a relationship. Some of the observable advantages that cannot be ignored include
Women are proactive. They can actually see some of the impending dangers and avoid them. Most of the time, men will actually fall into the trap. Women know how to control submissive men. If you give your woman the authority in the relationship she will know how to take control. By giving women total control of a relationship they will also take total control of your money. Strict women speak their mind and will actually speak out when things are not working well. She will also try to improve you. Women always feel appreciated when they are given space to make decisions, she will feel loved and she will reciprocate this gesture by loving you more and making more efforts to make the relationship work. By giving the woman authority in the relationship, she is going to have different ideas on how you to make the relationship more enjoyable for her.

Total Power Exchange Relationships
There are many types of Dominant and submissive relationships. Some that last a few hours, some that last a lifetime. Some where partners share power or make decisions together and some where one party has most of the control. But for the Total Power Exchange Relationship, the commitment is extreme with one person giving absolute, unconditional control to the other. And while this arrangement can in some cases just be for a few hours for a special “play” session, many Total Power Exchange couples are committed for life. For a Total Power Exchange Relationship to work, both people must consensually and voluntarily enter into the arrangement, agreeing to the Master and Slave roles. Once this agreement is made, the Dominant makes all the decisions for the Submissive. This includes financial decisions, where to live, what schedule to follow, who to interact with and any other aspects of life that the Dominant chooses to manage, not just their sexual interactions as many outsiders may think. Most couples find that micromanaging daily activities such as eating or sleeping is too much work and too extreme, although if the Mistress chooses to regulate even these most basic of functions, it helps to create a better relationship for both. The submissive only has those rights which are granted by the Mistress, and must follow all rules set for them absolutely. That is why this arrangement is sometimes referred to as “Consensual Slavery.” The slave is often collared to signify this role. The submissive does not even have the right to leave the relationship, and would be brought back by the Dominant if they somehow managed to escape. This is an completely binding agreement. And while it may sound like something that would make most people bristle, for the people involved in this type of relationship, they often relish their roles and truly thrive within the confines of such a relationship. For the Submissive it can be a very freeing experience, getting rid of the burdens of having to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They can simply follow the steps provided for them, knowing that their path is set. This requires a tremendous amount of trust, discipline and effort on the part of the Dominant well before the agreement is made to enter into this relationship. The submissive must fully trust the Dominant with their life to be able to fully give up all control. It is not easy for the Dominant either, as taking responsibility of another person’s entire life carries a lot of burdens. But typically a Mistress will feel the rush of this power and crave it. Another aspect of this relationship that submissives find appealing is in having their limits pushed. This applies in all aspects of life, but especially in the bedroom. In a Total Power Exchange Relationship there are no “safe” words or boundaries that the Dominant cannot cross. This is a thrill for many slaves as the Mistress will push them past what they thought was their limit, freeing them to reach new places they never dreamed of. Again this only works when there is trust that the Mistress has the best interests of the submissive at heart and knows when to push and when to hold back. For most Total Power Exchange couples, despite the Mistress having total control, they still love and take into account the slave’s boundaries and while they enjoy pushing the limits, they also understand the power they hold and the responsibility of having that power. Every Total Power Exchange Relationship couple is different and will handle the specific details of daily life differently. But there is always power held absolutely and irrevocably by the Dominant over the slave, which both parties enjoy. Both people crave being either Dominant or submissive, and it is what drives people to enter into these types of alternative, consensual relationships.

Corporal Punishment
A form of punishment that involves the infliction of pain for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a submissive or slave, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable.

Fetish Personals

A flexible rod, typically used for corporal punishment. A Switch is most effective when it is made of a strong but flexible type of wood.

Spanking Paddle
An implement used to strike a person on the buttocks. The act of striking a person with a paddle is known as, paddling.

Acts involving the physical restraint of a partner. Bondage typically refers to total restraint, however it can be limited to a particular body part.

Butt Plug
Much like a dildo, but pear-shaped with a flared base.

Person who enjoys pain, usually sexually.

Person who enjoys inflicting pain.

Tease and Denial
Keeping another person aroused while delaying or preventing in order to keep them in a continual state of sensitivity.

Orgasm Denial
A sexual practice in which a heightened state of sexual arousal is maintained for an extended length of time without orgasm.

Topping from the bottom
A bottom who purports to be a submissive but who wants to direct the top.

Wax Play
The top drips hot wax on the bottom.

Female Disciplinarian

Why men need to be disciplined by a Woman
All men are in need of training on how they must serve and obey a strict Woman. Training of the submissive male takes many forms. Discipline is often an important part of the training. Most Dominant Women are experts when it comes to administering discipline on a male. Just what form of discipline is used will depend upon the Female Disciplinarian. Discipline may be verbal or physical such as a whipping or a spanking. The level of discipline will depend upon the mistake of the male. Many Women move fast when it comes to giving a submissive male discipline for even the smallest of mistakes. If you let a man get away with one thing then he will only get worse. Much better to discipline on everything so the man learns the importance of being obedient.

BDSM Roleplay
Role Play is a popular fetish with the BDSM and Domination and submission lifestyle. It may take on a variety of forms from Headmistress to Equestrian to stern Boss. In fact the list of activities in role play is endless. Role play mostly involves a power exchange within the content of domination and submission. The person who is in control is regarded as the dominant or top while the controlled person is called the submissive or bottom. Safewords are an important part of any role play activity. An experienced Disciplinarian will be able to guide a submissive through a role play activity. With the internet many people have have also tried various forms of role play online. It is a good idea to discuss the role play in detail before you start. Often it may takes several attempts before both are satisfied with the activity. For many role play may in some ways take part in every day life. For those involved in living the Gorean lifestyle, they make use of an entire imaginary world.

BDSM Safewords
Within BDSM there is a guiding philosophy of safe, sane and consensual. The use of Safewords within BDSM is part of the safe, sane and consensual philosophy. Safewords are an important part of BDSM play and should always be used and honored at all times. The words are used by a submissive or slave communicate their physical or emotional state to a Disciplinarian. Most BDSM groups will have a standard group of safewords that everyone in the group knows and respects. Some safewords are used to communicate a willingness by the submissive to continue, but at a reduced level. Other safewords are used to stop the scene immediately. A safeword is mostly used by the submissive, but anyone else may also use it at any time. Sometimes there are different gradations of safewords. Sometimes a safeword will not be a word, but a signal. That signal may be a hand movement or something else. Everyone involved in BDSM should be encouraged to use and respect the use of safewords.

Novice Disciplinarian
Women who are starting out as a Disciplinarian have a lot to learn. Within BDSM circles they are sometimes referred to as a novice Disciplinarian. This is because there is so much to learn in becoming a fully qualified Disciplinarian that it may takes years. For a Disciplinarian there is much to learn about safewords, dungeon etiquette, submissives, and more. Often a novice Disciplinarian will be guided by a more experienced Dominatrix who will guide and advice Her on many different things that She needs learn. For a Disciplinarian it may not just be a case of learning to deal with a submissive but also dealing with a switch or another dominant or a BDSM group. If the Disciplinarian is going to offer Professional services then there will be even more to learn. There is a range of fantasies and fetish out there and a Disciplinarian may wish to learn about them all, but specialize in only a few. Practicing safe, sane and consensual is an important part of being a Disciplinarian. What a novice Disciplinarian will find is there are many people out there that will welcome Her into the lifestyle and are ready to offer help and advice. A novice needs to be open to learn and listen from those with many years of experience but still develop Her own way.

Sissy Maid

Male Feminization
The feminization of a male is something that often takes place under the guidance of a Dominatrix. Sometimes the submissive male may request to be feminized or at other times it may be the want of the Dominatrix. Feminization is a long term process that can take many years to accomplish. Much will depend on how keen the submissive is and on the training skills of the Dominatrix. Feminization may take place within the confines of a session with a Dominatrix or it may lead to public outings. For submissive men it may become a lifestyle. Orgasm control and denial is often an important part of feminization. The Dominatrix may also use a strapon as part of sexual training of the submissive. Often the Dominatrix will assign a new female name to the submissive as part of the feminization process. The name is usually the choice of the Dominatrix and is often done without consulting the submissive. The male will be required to dress in feminine attire, walk, talk and act like a woman. Sometimes the feminized male will be made to date other men. Clothing will usually take on a style that will fit the body shape and age of the submissive male. Hair style and makeup is also another important part of feminization. The male submissive should learn to be guided by the Dominatrix in the best ways of feminization. Many Dominatrix enjoy cross dressing a submissive. For most male submissives they know almost nothing about cross dressing so it is important for them to learn from a Dominatrix. The most important thing for those men who are interested in cross dressing is be true to yourself. Freedom is to be who you want to be. An experienced Dominatrix can show you the correct way of fulfilling your needs. For many cross dressing starts out as a fantasy, but in actual fact it is the start of something more. It is an an expression of you true self. Being good at cross dressing takes a lot of time and commitment. You need to pay attention to the small details. One important lesson of a cross dresser is to stand up straight. slouching forward is a mans thing. Women do not slouch. So it is important to stand straight and sit straight. Study how feminine women stand and sit and you will learn. Practice your walk. Make sure to keep your legs close together while walking on a straight line with your feet. Makeup is an important part of cross dressing and many say the hardest. It is a good idea to buy a few books and videos on makeup and spend plenty of time and practice on this.

Discipline, corporal punishment, spanking and whipping are all integral, iconic fundamentals of the BDSM lifestyle. For Dominant women and their submissive men, the use of discipline is the fabric of the foundation of their relationship, bringing them closer together and allowing them a greater sense of trust, understanding and love. But what is it about discipline that brings out this reaction in Sub/Dom relationships, especially when the woman is the Dominant? Why do women love to administer discipline, and why do the submissive men they’re with want to be dominated so desperately?

For Dominant women, discipline is a way of exerting control over their submissive. It feeds into their desire for complete control in the relationship, and they find great pleasure in delivering orders and having them followed perfectly, even if they are causing the submissive physical or emotional pain. Discipline is a way for them to test their strength as a leader and a tyrant, and prove their complete control. Physical discipline can have the added bonus of allowing them to experience this control in a visceral way that deeply pleases dominant natures. Discipline is also an excellent training method, and many Dominants find great pleasure in using discipline to achieve the results they desire from their submissive. They may not enjoy the actual act of disciplining, but the results of having a well trained, happy and ultimately obedient submissive are well worth the effort. In addition, many Dominant women in particular are extremely empathetic and compassionate in regards to their submissive male’s needs. They want him to be happy, and they want to give him what he desires, despite being in control and being able to deny them that. This empathetic nature is what makes women such great Dominant partners. When it comes to discipline, they can sense that this is what their submissive male wants, what he craves, and so they offer discipline as part of a trusting, happy Sub/Dom partnership, and one that ultimately results in their own happiness as their submissive becomes more obedient and able to please her needs and desires.

Submissive males deeply desire the loss of control and responsibility that comes with their role. They want rules and limits, and consequences for not abiding by those rules, to define their lives so that they can comfortably fit into their place. The accountability that comes from strict discipline from a Dominant female feeds into their nature of wanting to let go and let others take control, and submissive males find great pleasure and peace in discipline. It makes them obedient, and gives them a reason to become more obedient, more perfectly capable of pleasing their Mistress. Many submissive men also feel some level of shame and guilt in their sexual and emotional desires to be submissive to a woman, and the regimen of discipline is an outlet for these feelings, giving them release. Discipline can also be highly pleasurable for submissive men, and the anticipation of being disciplined can create sexual arousal and erotic excitement. Overall, discipline is a way for them to viscerally feel their place at the bottom of the relationship, and allow them the joy and peace that comes with letting go, trusting their Mistress, and being free of responsibility.

Whether used for strict training or just as part of a daily regimen, discipline can keep a Dominant woman in power and a submissive man in his place, reinforcing their roles and allowing them to fully trust, love and honor each other in the roles they have chosen. Discipline is more of a positive force than something negative, and the feelings of trust and contentment it brings to both parties allows for a healthier, happier Sub/Dom relationship.

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